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While writing a business blog post on WordPress, it is extremely important to add internal and external links in your posts or pages. Also from search engines ranking’s point of view, SEO specialists highly recommend adding some internal and external links in your every post. But one thing that is really important to keep in mind for WordPress beginners is to open those external links in a new tab or window of your browser. There is a WordPress external links plugin that opens all external links in new tab. But how can we do it manually, let’s check this out.

1. Internal vs External Links— A brief comparison

It is very simple to understand the difference between internal and external links. The internal links belong to your own site and they should open in the same tab. The external links are the outbound links that belong to the other websites. Like for example if you are reffering to some statistics websites or any other source website. Here is a snapshot from one of my post to enable Google search console with analytics, I am referring to the search console beginner guide which is internal link, and statistics of Google analytics by Builtwith which is external link,

wordpress open external links

i. Why should we open external links in a new tab?

There are multiple reasons for it and from SEO ranking perspective, it can affect your site performance. If we open an external site link in the same tab, a user will eventually leave our site. There are high number of chances he will forget to come back to our site and so our bounce rate will increase. High bounce rate is bad for a site which illustrates that people leave the site more often. Then Google algorithm will calculate there was not enough or good information for a certain user, as a result, our rankings will drop.

When an external link is opened in a new tab, the user will remain on our site until and unless he finishes his work on that external site. More he stays longer on our blog, lesser will be the bounce rate.

Why did I ask you to open the internal links in the same tab? The reason might surprise you because this trick will increase our page views and likelihood for the search engines. A visitor will visit multiple pages on our blog and more page views mean more money.

This explanation was necessary before we head to the practical stuff. There are 3 ways to modify the settings of our external links.

ii. Using Elementor

Elementor is a revolution in WordPress and an excellent drag and drop page builder with live previews. The modern themes need Elementor plugin to build websites and personally I love this tool. You need to just drag and drop theme elements and ready to use templates to build a web page.

In Elementor, under the text editor, click on the insert/edit link button or select the text in order to modify it.

how to open external links in a new tab in wordpress

A new small window will open with a check box that says, “Open link in a new tab”. Check it and update, our link will open in a new tab now.

iii. Using Classic Editor

Classic Editor is old but still a lot of people use it. The classic editor plugin has more than 5 million active installations and still being maintained. It is only the change of the editor, the process is similar just like we did in Elementor builder. There is a shortcut key to do that as well, press Ctrl +K to insert new or edit any existing link.

The same small window as above will open where you need to check the box to open the link in new tab.

classic editor wordpress open external links

iv. Using WordPress External Links Plugin

One thing that makes WordPress so beautiful is its plugins library. I use to say that:

Where there is a problem, there is a plugin

Therefore there is also a WordPress external links plugin to open external links in new tab/window called as External Links in a new tab/window.

external links in new tab wordpress plugin

Simply install it and it will open all the external links in a new tab by default. Just make sure not to uninstall it, as all the external links will stop working.

2. My recommendation— Use WordPress External Links Plugin

It is really important to open outbound or external links in a new tab. The reason is a user will leave your site and most probably, he won’t come back. This may lead to higher bounce rate and drop in SEO rankings. I’d strongly recommend WordPress external links plugin that opens all external links in a new tab on auto-pilot. Internal links should open in the same tab as our page views will increase and the visitor will get more information from our site. So it’s a must do for every blogger and very simple to do.

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