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There are many people out there who started their journey at Upwork and become full time freelancers. At the same time, I’ve met people saying that we created an Upwork profile but still couldn’t land even a small job on this freelancing website. Well, the reasons could be many and that’s why I am going to share with you some best Upwork profile examples that’ll lit up a hope in your heart not to give up. 

Before that, you should first sign up on Upwork and create your own Upwork profile.

Now let’s get started!

1. Upwork Profile Example #1: Technology and Systems

It’s a little bit tough for a guy on Upwork to land his first job. But it’s not that hard as you might have been thinking. Freelancing market is huge and covers a lot of skills and millions of jobs are posted monthly. So, this brings me to an important question— are you ready to grab those opportunities? If yes, I expect that your profile is complete from all the major aspects. Let’s take a look at one of the best Upwork profile examples which is currently trending.

upwork profile examples

A top rated profile with a 100% job success score, wow! Additionally, did you notice the number of invitations he got recently? Well, he was invited 175 times which means his profile is at the top in search results. 

So, the takeaway from this profile is to highlight your achievements and milestones you completed. Just remember, a small change can make a big difference. 

2. Upwork Profile Example #2: Graphics/Animation Demos

Recently, in May 2020, Upwork released a new update by adding introductory videos in your Upwork profile. Honestly, this is one of the best features in a freelancing website. A video introduction will take your profile to the next level. 

You wanna see it how? Here we go:

I hope you loved the pretty cool character animation and enjoyed the animated graphics. This demo is really cool and it’ll attract a lot of clients looking for animations and after effects work. 

How to add a video on Upwork?

  1. It’s really simple. Firstly, create an introductory video about yourself, skills and the projects you are looking for using a cell phone or a good camera.
  2. Now. upload it to Youtube and copy the video link.
  3. Go to your Upwork profile and click on Edit My Profile.
  4. In video section, click on Add a Video and paste the Youtube video link into the text field.
  5. Select the type of video like “me talking about my skills” 
  6. Submit the video introduction, you’re all set.

Long story short, if you are looking to find new clients and building a long-term bond, adding a video introduction to your profile is a great way to achieve it.

3. Upwork Profile Example #3: Product Description Writers

Upwork is a huge platform that has opportunities for every freelancer. Whatever your skill set is, if you are a pro, unlimited jobs are waiting for you. In the beginning, there were very few categories on Upwork, but now it has expanded a lot. Just make sure you choose the right title on the profile so the employers can look out for you and easily find you. Additionally, mention your accomplishments and describe your strengths under the profile overview and make sure it’s error-free as shown in the following snapshot of a great Amazon copywriter.

upwork profile example

The key takeaway is writing about your completed projects on the profile is an excellent way of making it stand out among competitors.

4. Data Entry Jobs: 50,000+ Hours on Upwork

Data entry, typing, transaction data entry, data processing and data encoding are the easiest jobs if you have no skills or higher education. However, the competition is really tough in such jobs. There are hundreds of applications against a single job. Therefore, employers choose the cheapest and fastest contractor. The major benefit of data entry jobs is you can start quickly if a good internet connection got your back.

data entry jobs upwork

Did you see? Just like you, it was really amazing for me too to see such a wonderful and one of the best Upwork profile examples with more than 50K hours and still counting. Additionally, you can see the tasks mentioned on the profile like for instance, PDF to Word or Excel conversion and to update client information on SalesForce and other CRMs. The key takeaway is that such jobs are mostly full time. Only one thing that pinches freelancers is the low wage. You’ll face such hardships until you find the job you love, so keep motivated.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” —Steve Jobs

Finally, if you’ve a little working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Google sheets, you can work on data entry projects. 

5. Upwork Specialized Profiles

It is more likely that Upwork prioritizes freelancers in their search results who use specialized profiles. So, you must have that question in your mind— does it really add value on Upwork via creating a specialized profile? The answer is “yes” and the biggest reason is that Upwork gives you the opportunity to have multiple job titles and taglines. Additionally, you can put more keywords on your profile overview.

That phenomenon will enhance your profile reach and it’ll eventually give a boost to search results. That means the chances of your profile getting at the top will increase. 

specialized profiles upwork

Here’s a short review from one of the Upwork’s freelancers about specialized profiles on Quora:

“I got only few invitations when I’ve a general Upwork profile. Now I am a top rated worker with a 100% success rate with specialized profiles on eBooks and blog writing.”

Last but not the least, specialization in any field leaves a good impression on employers. Most of the times, hiring managers look for specialists only. Therefore, I’d highly recommend to create specialized Upwork profiles.

Wrap Up

2020 has been a really different year so far. The biggest reason is— COVID-19 and we learned so many things due to this viral disease. Though, it’s beyond the scope of my topic, however, it relates because “working from home” is the new normal. If you want to survive, you need to get on such freelancing platforms. 

These were just a couple of Upwork profile examples I shared to learn more about people earning thousands of bucks from the comfort of their homes. You need to pay attention to your profile, search for the best freelancers and keep spying on their skills. Make sure to update your profile with trending technology and tools. Never loose hope and keep applying— you’re gonna be a top rated plus freelancer soon, all the best!

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