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Wix vs WordPress? 7 Reasons to Know Why WordPress is Best

That’s an old but still an ongoing debate between Wix vs WordPress. I recently joined a couple of Facebook groups related to business blogs and how to start a blog. I’ve came through a lot of questions from blogging beginners and

How to Install and Setup Best WordPress SEO Plugin in 2021?

After we install WordPress on our host, the next step is to install recommended WordPress plugins that we need for our blog. In our blogging as a business journey, it is really important to choose and setup best WordPress SEO

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How to Install WordPress Plugin Manually Using 3 Methods

After installing WordPress on our host, the next step is to install WordPress plugin manually. Before you launch your WordPress blog for business, it is absolutely necessary to install the recommended WordPress plugins. I use to say where there is

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WordPress External Links Plugin to Open External Links in a New Tab

While writing a business blog post on WordPress, it is extremely important to add internal and external links in your posts or pages. Also from search engines ranking’s point of view, SEO specialists highly recommend adding some internal and external

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How to Install WordPress on Bluehost? A Brief Guide (2021)

With 1-click install feature, it is so simple and really easy to install WordPress on Bluehost. I strongly recommend Bluehost as my favorite host because of it’s unlimited features and love for WordPress. Furthermore, wordpress.org also recommends the hosting giant

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