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It was 2012 when I first tried to launch my blog in my blogging journey. I have been working as an Executive System Administrator in a private firm and I was handling Linux servers. Therefore I decided to bring it online what I learn on daily basis. It was my 3rd year in the job and I was learning something new everyday. So I launched a blog related to Linux administration in a hosting account owned by my partner.

But it was just hobby blogging for learning purposes and I had no plan to turn it into a business. In 2014, I joined a reputable hosting firm as a Systems Administrator at a very lucrative package. That’s why I fully focused on my new job and my blogging journey ended at that time.

2020 is here now, Happy New Year!

My love for blogging never faded and in August 2019, I decided to launch a new blog that shouldn’t be an ordinary blog. It’s Blogging as a Business. I am taking it seriously and it’s blogging like a startup not as a side hustle. Therefore I am creating this stats report

Blogging Budget

In the beginning, I could only afford a miscellaneous expense of $300 USD. That’s why I was looking for best web hosting for small business with a free domain and SSL. So I spent the funds with some care 🙂

  1. $100 for hosting
  2. $70 for my theme
  3. $7 for a 15 day affiliate marketing course
  4. $100 for other online training course

My site niche is a little mix of affiliate, learning WordPress and I am sharing what I am learning about SEO with people. I didn’t know much about WordPress in the beginning, that’s why it took about a month to learn some basics about WordPress and changed my theme settings. That’s why I am writing all of that stuff in my WordPress Beginner’s Guide.

My blog is still under construction and hopefully I will fully launch it by 31st January 2020. Though I had the plan to launch it on 1st of Jan 2020. But anyways, slow and steady wins the race. I am continuing my job as well and sharing the posts links on social media.

Everything starts from a ZERO, so it’s just 3 months that I started to write some stuff for my blog. So here are SoftwareSpice’s stats for the first 3 months.

Alexa Rank

The Alexa rank of SoftwareSpice is: 6,260,523

my blogging journey

The traffic stats are normal because I am just promoting it on social media.

blog stats with monsterinsights plugin

I have also submitted my website in 3 popular search engines, Google, Bing and Yandex.

Domain Authority

It’s ZERO because there are no back links on my site.

my domain authority is zero

So that’s it for now but I will keep updating this post with monthly stats going forward. [Post Update: January 7,2020]

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