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Do you have an online store, an e-commerce business or planning to launch one? To launch an eCommerce business, you have to execute many critical steps. If you have decided about starting the business and have the required budget, you can use Fiverr to hire the right fit for each task. Launching an e-commerce business can be tough and needs business development and marketing strategies. 

There are many steps to build a business. I’ll breakdown the important ones here and explain them a bit later. Those steps are:

  • Choosing the product niche
  • Finalize the right product
  • Build the online presence
  • Business promotion
  • Revenue growth

and so on.

Fortunately, there are best Fiverr gigs available while you move forward in your business journey. I’ll give you a general brief for each step or the service. So, let’s get started!

1. What is Fiverr Business?

For an -ecommerce business, you need to have the best business tools, all in one place. A lot of stuff is happening at the same time while you are running an online business. Let me share an example to better understand the concept and how Fiverr Business can help you out there.

For instance, you are going to launch an online clothing store which can be a challenging process. You’ll have to take critical decisions about the following:

  1. Products/Cloth
  2. Descriptions, Meta, Content
  3. Web Hosting
  4. Content Management System like WordPress
  5. Web Designing
  6. Social Media Presence
  7. Brand Value
  8. Engaging Audience
  9. Traffic, SEO
  10. Taking Payments
  11. Brand Evaluation

Trust me, I’ve just highlighted the key aspects and the list is longer than you think. Running an e-commerce business needs collaboration and teamwork. 

Fiverr Business is free for the first year, no credit card required.

Now imagine, you are going to hire freelancers to do that for you. It’ll create an extra overhead for you, right? So, Fiverr Business helps you find the most talent freelancers for your e-commerce business. There will be a dedicated Fiverr business success manager to find the right fit for you. Furthermore, you can manage all your business activities on one dashboard.

With Fiverr Business, you can:

  1. Create new projects
  2. Get a unique freelancers catalog
  3. Track the project status
  4. Approve and release payments
  5. Create workflows

and more…

Finally, Fiverr Business guarantees to find the top-rated freelancers, saving your time and budget. 

2. How to Scale an Ecommerce Business with Fiverr?

If you want to grow your business with a fast pace, you have to outsource most of the business tasks. There is no doubt about that you can handle the workload all alone. An e-commerce business needs planning and smart decisions. 

Fiverr is the number one outsourcing platform in the world. It has helped millions of businesses.

Fiverr is one of the greatest innovations for entrepreneurs who are starting out.

You can get a lot of things accomplished with a small fee for any imaginable service. Therefore, outsourcing on Fiverr is cheaper than hiring an entire new employee. With Fiverr, your business will get growth, speed and sales. 

In the beginning, your business needs banners and logos, graphic designing, digital marketing, voice overs, video editing, content writing, translation, copywriting, SEO services, or affiliate services, there will be a gig for it on Fiverr. 

Fiverr offer more than 3 million services with secure transaction, and with great value.

Fiverr is a business services hub. Here’s a short review from G2 about the talent you can find on Fiverr.

fiverr review

3. Choose a Niche for Your Ecommerce Business

It’s the most critical part of your business. Which niche are you going to compete with? Is it lucrative enough and something you can feel passionate about? Niche is all about choosing the exact right for your business. Let me share an interesting example with you.

ecommerce niche grocery

Source: BigCommerce

There are thousands of e-commerce categories. The above graph shows a massive spike in the grocery business for March 2020 when stores shut down. There are no big changes in the other e-commerce categories but grocery e-commerce is leaving all the categories behind.

So, if you are under pressure and stuck with niche selection, Fiverr is here to help. I’ve just found a highly affordable gig to guide you step by step for niche selection.

4. Product Research

Whether you are going to run a dropshipping, Shopify or Amazon business and looking for the best selling products, you’ve to carry out extensive product research. Finding a winning product means a product with high demand and a low competition. Simply, product research means to find products that sell. 

There are outstanding Fiverr services that help you find the niche based products with market volume and deep analysis. 

Scaling a business means an increase in product sales and introducing new products.

You can find all the best product research services on Fiverr in the e-commerce management section. By the way, I’ve found this gig with over 1.5K reviews nailing product research.

5. Web/Logo Designing Services on Fiverr

If you are looking to have a very unique and fabulous website for your store, or you are looking for any modifications in your current e-commerce website, Fiverr has the best sellers to do it. There are outstanding Fiverr services that offer you completely custom coded websites in the language of your choice. 

Here are the best services offered by Fiverr when we are talking about website, logo and graphics designing:

  1. Highly responsive and professional websites.
  2. Front-end web development.
  3. Mobile-friendly custom websites.
  4. Payment gateway integration
  5. Brand logos.
  6. Website graphics.
  7. Social media integration.

and much more…

It’ll be a separate article if I start writing about these services. Just to summarize, you can find the best services for web, logo and graphics designing in their respective categories.

6. How to Use Fiverr to Promote Your Business?

An e-commerce business needs continuous promotion. You have to keep your customers updated about your brand. There are a number of ways you can use Fiverr services for business promotion. You can hire social media managers for business promotion on social media platforms.

Whatever your business is, there will be a service available for you on Fiverr for business promotion.

7. How to Scale the Store's Organic Traffic with Fiverr Services?

A business with low targeted traffic will not bring leads and sales. We all know that e-commerce is one of the areas that has a seen a massive boom in the recent years. On the other hand, it has created an intensive competition for small business owners. SEO has become more and more tough and getting on the first page of search engines can be very challenging.

The traffic can only be increased if your e-commerce website has a powerful backlinks profile. These backlinks help your business to rank for the targeted keywords bringing in traffic. 

So, that was a quick overview about scaling a business with Fiverr. Therefore, if you are going to launch a business or have a running business that needs improvements, I’d recommend to use Fiverr and hire highly talented professionals for your business projects.

8. Fiverr FAQ's

i. What are the best platforms to start an e-commerce business?

Here are the best e-commerce platforms to start an online business:

  1. Shopify
  2. Woocommerce
  3. Wix
  4. Bigcommerce
  5. Magento
  6. 3dcart

ii. What are the Best Services Related to Ecommerce on Fiverr?

Following are the best services on Fiverr you should go for the business success. The number is too large, so, I’ve just summarized the top 8 services for your business.

  1. E-commerce development
  2. Business marketing
  3. Website builders and CMS
  4. E-commerce management
  5. Social Media advertising
  6. Product descriptions
  7. Photoshop editing
  8. Shopify VAs

iv. How to Find Good Fiverr Sellers & Gigs?

In order to identify good gigs and sellers, please make sure to check their ratings and reviews. Read what buyers say about the gig. In addition to that, please check the seller level. You can learn more about seller levels here.

v. How much does Fiverr Business Cost?

For a team of 50 users, Fiverr Business will cost $149/year. Wanna give it a try? Go ahead, it’s totally free for the first year.

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