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Do you own a dropshipping business? If yes, you must get highly affordable and high-quality dropshipping video ads for your products that can actually increase your sales. Dropshipping has become the most popular business model in the past few years. It is a business model that works for the young and aspiring entrepreneurs. There are a lot of benefits for a dropshipping business because you don’t handle the stock or inventory. Additionally, you don’t have to invest big bucks in the inventory upfront.

If you want to grow your dropshipping business, you need to focus on stunning dropshipping video ads. After the global pandemic in 2020, there is now an intensified competition in the e-commerce market. Hence, the old dropshipping formulas don’t work anymore.

Earlier, we discussed about creating a gig and boosting our e-commerce business with Fiverr. Here, we’ll learn how Fiverr can be your dropshipping business partner. 

Whether you are looking for Facebook, Instagram or YouTube video ads for dropshipping products of Shopify or Amazon, there are certainly the best Fiverr services to create stunning, outstanding and viral video ads for your dropshipping business.

Let’s get started!

1. What is Dropshipping?

Let’s have a quick overview of the dropshipping business model. In dropshipping, you don’t own the stock or inventory. You run an online store website where a customer places the order. Your store diverts the order automatically to your supplier. The supplier prepares the order and ships it to your customer. Dropshipping saves a lot of money on investing in the product stock. Instead, you have prior contacts with third-party wholesalers who fulfill all the orders coming from your business website. Want to know how dropshipping works, see the dropship model below.

Source: Oberlo

dropshipping model

2. Best Dropshipping Video Ads Services on Fiverr

A dropshipping video ad is the best way to promote the business. These video ads are ultimately the best ways to ensure that people will remember your brand. Video ads is the most powerful content format to promote dropshipping products. 

According to Locowise, video is still the king of content formats. The following diagram shows the reach and engagement stats of different content formats. 

Video content is at the top by 13.4%.
dropshipping video ads still the king

As we are heading towards the modern tech era, it is an ultimate business demand to adopt the latest and most trending marketing techniques. 

A video is the best way to boost rankings and visibility, leading to more sales and customers.

Since in dropshipping, we don’t have to pay for the inventory, I would strongly suggest to put that money in video ads. 

Here are the best dropshipping video ads services on Fiverr you should buy for your business.

i. Dropshipping Video Ads for Facebook

Fiverr has the most affordable, professional and highly qualified gigs that offer video ads services for Facebook for as low as $15 USD. If you are looking for Shopify Facebook video ad, I have found the best gig for you. This gig specializes in Shopify dropshipping store, a level II seller with over 350 reviews. 

facebook video ads for your dropshipping product

Revisions are unlimited and a starter ad for just $15 is worth a shot. I have also gone through the reviews and the gig delivers the work as described. So, if you are looking to promote your business on Facebook with a video ad, I would strongly recommend this gig.

ii. Fiverr Services for YouTube Ads

Are you looking for videos that are done on time and perfect to specifications? Well, I try to find Level II sellers most of the times because they are experienced and highly affordable. These gigs align with your startup budget as well. There are thousands of Fiverr services to create YouTube videos for any kind of business. 

I’ve searched and found a stunning gig which creates highly professional, cinematic and commercial video ads especially for YouTube. You can check out this gig here.

youtube ads for ecommerce business

This Fiverr gig offers a 1080p videos with custom text overlay, royalty free music and voice overs at the lowest possible price. 

iii. Dropshipping Product Review Videos

Millions of products are sold online via online stores and eCommerce websites. If you want your dropshipping product to stand out from the crowd, a review video is a great idea. Whatever your promotion strategy is, luckily there is a Fiverr service to help you get through it.

Where there is a will, there is a Fiverr service. 

Here is a product review video created by one of the top rated Fiverr seller.

You need to send the script so the video length can be estimated. For more info, check out the details and packages of the gig here.

iv. Animated Dropshipping Illustrations

If you want to create animated illustrations, you can get illustration services on Fiverr. These illustrations are more interesting and attract more customers especially for dropshipping products of yoga, exercise and fitness niches. I’ve found this profile an ideal fit for getting an illustration video for Facebook or Instagram ads.

v. Shopify Dropshipping Ads

If you have an online store on Shopify and looking for dropshipping video ads for social media, there are excellent services available on Fiverr for that. On the other hand, some of the gigs also provide advertising tips, Facebook ads campaigns, and highly targeted audience research. 

shopify dropshipping ads for facebook

Additionally, the top rated gigs on Fiverr are digital marketing and SEO experts to help you with keyword research. So, if you are hunting for such sellers, would you mind checking out these gigs here?

3. A Quick Summary

If you want to generate a passive income on auto-pilot, you should start a dropshipping business. Every business needs growth and marketing through various channels. In dropshipping, you don’t have additional expenses of inventory or supplies, I would recommend to put that budget on advertisement. It is an essential step to build a loyal audience and grow your brand. 

Additionally, you can set the goals of brand awareness, conversions, traffic, engagement and audience reach with the help of ads.

Luckily, Fiverr has almost all the services for dropshipping video ads. Whether you want to promote it on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, get an affordable gig of your choice and get your favorite business ad.

Finally, dropshipping is one of the fastest and safest business model to try out. It needs little to no investment. You just need to build your online dropshipping store and invest on video ads. 

If you get stuck, don’t worry! Fiverr got your back.

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