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Bluehost affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs in the hosting industry. It’s an ideal platform for bloggers to promote Bluehost hosting plans and make tons of money a month. There are many bloggers who share their commissions report and surprisingly, their minimum earning starts from $1000 and goes up as high as $10,000 per month or more.

Yes! that’s absolutely true.

For some people who are new to affiliate marketing, Bluehost is just the perfect way for them to begin their own successful internet business. But, before we dig further into Bluehost affiliate program review, let’s know a bit more about the company.

Let’s roll in!

If you are looking forward to being with your online blogging adventure, you need to begin with a reliable web hosting. Honestly, with superb uptime and robust infrastructure, Bluehost is highly affordable web hosting provider to start with. You get a free domain for the first year saving you $15 bucks right away. 

Bluehost powers 2 million domains around the world. They have a verity of web hosting plans and I’ve covered all the possible details in my full Bluehost web hosting reviews article. Let’s have a quick look on web hosting plans again.

Bluehost offers 1-click WordPress Installation

Bluehost Basic shared hosting plan is the one I’d highly recommend for a startup blogger— starting at $3.95/month. Being a new blogger, it will fulfill all your hosting needs. When you start getting traffic, you can upgrade to the other hosting plans anytime.

2. Bluehost Affiliate Program Review: The Pros

Bluehost has been for years in the hosting business. The company was launched back in 2003 and gained immense reputation because of its excellent web hosting services. Therefore, Bluehost is a web hosting brand you can recommend to your friends, family or fellow bloggers with full confidence. Seriously, Bluehost won’t let you down. 

As for as Bluehost affiliate program is concerned, the minimum commission for each qualified sign up is $65 USD. Now for instance, you wrote a good review on Bluehost and a visitor reads it and decides to buy a hosting plan. He clicks on one of your affiliate links in the post and purchases the hosting plan, you’ll earn a guaranteed commission in your affiliate account. More sales you make, more commission you’ll get. As a side note for future reference, $65 is a starting payout. If you are going to bring massive sales, you can ask for a huge commission bump. It’ll be a fair deal with Bluehost affiliate manager.

Now let’s break down some key features of Bluehost affiliate program.

i). Quick and Easy Sign Up

Bluehost highly encourages bloggers to join their affiliate program. If you a running blog with fair amount of monthly visits, you must sign up for Bluehost affiliate program. There are only two major requirements to join the affiliate program.

  1. Blog/website URL
  2. PayPal email address

After you successfully sign up, you’ll get a tracking link for clicks and commissions. It’s hard to sign up without a blog— honestly, chances are too low. But if you have a Facebook group or an Instagram account with thousands of followers, you can talk to the Bluehost affiliate manager. They will review your request and may accept as an affiliate. Therefore, having a blog will increase your chances of becoming a successful affiliate.

ii). Easy Tracking System

After the sign up process is complete and you are an approved Bluehost affiliate, you’ll get a unique tracking link.

The link looks like as:


The username is replaced by your actual username which you provided at the time of sign up process. Don’t worry, I’ll show how to sign up for Bluehost affiliate program down below.

Use this tracking link in your blog affiliate links, banners and campaigns. Bluehost affiliate has the best tracking system that keeps an eye on every single click. The affiliate program is designed in such a way making sure to pay you each cent you earn from a single click. 

iii). Create Banners and Campaigns

Bluehost affiliate program dashboard lets you create different campaigns. For instance, if it’s a Black Friday season, summer clearance or new year sale, you can create customized campaigns and banners. Additionally, create small, wide and tall banners with different dimensions to get fit into your blog design.

More than 30 banners are available with multiple dimensions.

Additionally, create a separate campaign for each season to track clicks and sales. If you’ve created a Black Friday campaign, it’ll show you the results of all clicks and sales for that specific season. Using a banner link will automatically pull in the image to your site and display it with your tracking code embedded. 

That’s how easy it is to use Bluehost affiliate banners. I am using one at the right side of my blog if you want to see it.

iv). No Earnings Limit for Bluehost Affiliates

There are no limits on your monthly earnings. In fact, you’ll get a commission bump if you refer more people and make more sales. Surprisingly;

Bluehost paid over $5 Million USD in commissions in 2019

Now it’s totally up to you to promote Bluehost hosting plans through your affiliate links as much as possible. Fortunately, Bluehost is a hosting brand people quickly fell in love with. So, I am sure if you start referring it to your mates, your passive income starts right away.

v). $100 per Referral Bonus

A couple of days ago, I received the following email from the Bluehost affiliates team.

bluehost affiliates

Bluehost offers that great opportunity on certain occasions. Though the regular payout is $65 on each qualified sign up, you’ll make some extra during these days. As the email states it was the end of summer, from September 8 to the month end, you’ll get a bonus offer of $100 on each referral

Gladly, Bluehost keeps you posted about these offers. Therefore, keep checking your email through which you signed up.

vi). Customize Landing Pages

Bluehost offers shared, cloud, managed WordPress, VPS and dedicated hosting. If you want to customize a separate landing page for each hosting plan, you just need to do a little tweak in your referral link. I asked the Bluehost affiliate team and I got the following response.

Just put your username in the links above and you are good to go. As a side note, Bluehost shared hosting plan is the best seller and the affiliates team encourages the bloggers to sell it. But it depends on the blog’s search engine rankings. If you rank for cloud hosting, you can promote Bluehost cloud plan.

vii). Bluehost Affiliates Friendly Support

If you have any issues regarding your affiliate earnings, you can shoot out an email to Bluehost affiliates team at [email protected]. The support team will quickly get back to you to solve your concerns. 

viii). New to Blogging? Bluehost Affiliate Program Got Your Back

Let me share a very common example of Google AdSense account requirements. You must have a 6 months old domain, at least 25 posts and a nice catchy theme. But there are no such hassles in Bluehost affiliate program. Launch your blog, write a couple of posts and an affiliate disclosure page— Bluehost welcomes you.

Again, I’d like to remind you a blog is required to join the affiliate program, no matter if it was launched 5 days ago.

3. Bluehost Affiliate Cons

As for as the affiliate program’s cons are concerned, there are a few things that most of the affiliate marketers won’t like. I’ll break them down into the following points.

  1. $100 USD commission threshold— a bit tough to achieve that milestone for new bloggers
  2. Your affiliate downgrades, Bluehost deducts your commission
  3. Multiple payment options to withdraw but the commission amount must equals to $10,000.00

You can go through the affiliate terms more in detail here.

4. How to Sign Up for Bluehost Affiliate Program?

It’s very simple, easy and quick to join the Bluehost affiliate program. Visit bluehost.com and you’ll see the affiliates link in the middle. Click on it or you can just visit the affiliates link directly.

how to sign up for bluehost affiliate program

Now you’ll see the page with sign up button. Hit on it to start the sign up process.

You’ll see a detailed affiliate signup form which is sub-divided into 4 sections.

1. Bluehost Affiliate login information

Write a professional username and set a strong password. That username will appear in the tracking link.

bluehost affiliate marketing

2. Account information

Provide here— your full name, address, personal email address and blog URL. I’ve put some dummy values to make it simple for you.

3. Payment information

It’s the most critical part, please enter your PayPal email address for taking payments.

4. Terms and Conditions

Click the checkbox to agree. Your sign up form is complete.

Now, you need to wait for the approval email from the Bluehost affiliates team. Once your account is approved, please update the tax information under settings tab on your affiliates dashboard. 

5. How to Start a WordPress Blog On Bluehost?

Bluehost is the choice of every blogger and ultimately, it’s the best hosting platform to start with. Therefore, I’d like to recommend you to:

I’ve crafted these articles while I was learning about blogging myself. I hope you’ll get a clear picture about blogging and how to start it with Bluehost.

6. How to Promote Bluehost and Earn Guaranteed Commissions?

Promoting affiliate products takes time and to be honest, hosting is a highly competitive niche. It’s not a getting rich overnight stuff and we need to work really hard to make sales. Anyhow, affiliate products promotion is a separate topic and there are hundreds of aspects to keep an eye on. I’ll cover the only 4 major points that you need to do side-by-side while you are building an online platform.

1. Write a detailed Bluehost review

People read reviews about a certain product before buying it. Therefore, write a good review on Bluehost features and it’s hosting plans. If you’re lucky enough to rank on Google, that organic traffic will hopefully bring massive sales.

2. Create YouTube videos

Who doesn’t know about it? Create videos about what you learn and start sharing with people on YouTube. Insert your affiliate links in the description and ask people to start blogging with your links.

3. Start posting on Social Media

There are many people asking for best hosting platform on Facebook and Twitter. Answer them as a helping hand and offer your discounts or coupons. You’ll get leads in that way too!

4. Add banners

Banner ads and call to action buttons are the quickest ways to get clicks. Update the banners according to the ongoing promotions.

7. Bluehost Affiliate Program Summary

It sounds amazing for a product that sells at $3.95/month and gives away a whopping $65 dollars commission on each qualified sale. Bluehost affiliate program is the most easiest and quickest affiliate hosting platform to start with. If you’ve launched your blog and wrote a couple of posts, you can start promoting Bluehost right off and start making commissions.

You can highly recommend Bluehost for WordPress. More importantly, Bluehost has an official recommendation of wordpress.org and it makes creating a WordPress blog super easy. While promoting the affiliate products, make sure NOT to use Bluehost trademarks and branded keywords as it may result in account suspension. 

I wish you best of luck in your passive income journey, and if you have not started your blog yet, you can just do it with Bluehost.


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