How to Improve SEO Ranking

Do you want to rank higher on Google and serious to improve SE ranking? Well it’s never been easy before because we got the best YouTube Channels to learn more about SEO. YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform. Since internet is huge and there are multiple modes to learn about anything. Sometimes, you learn something via reading a blog post, a how to tutorial, taking a course or by watching a video. According to TechJury, 70% of viewers use YouTube to help solve a problem. That means whatever your problem is, there will be a how to video for that.

Gladly, the successful bloggers and SEO enthusiasts have also created their Youtube channels with excellent tutorials to learn about SEO. So if you seriously want to boost SEO rankings of your site and want to improve it, you need to subscribe these channels.

Let’s subscribe!

1. How to Rank Higher on Google?

Bringing your blog against highly competitive keywords on the first page of Google search is the dream of every blogger. That’s the only way to beat all the odds and get pure organic visitors. You’ll get tired by posting on social media platforms to get traffic which is really frustrating and time consuming. 

Therefore, you must follow the SEO legends who have created excellent free content on YouTube.

In my opinion, these are the best YouTube channels to learn all the ins and outs of SEO.


Because, if you follow the tips of these SEO experts, adopt the link building strategies, and start content marketing, your site will rank higher on Google for sure. 

i. Neil Patel

Honestly saying if SEO had another name, it’d have been Neil Patel. Neil is a famous guy who’s blog and Youtube channel is filled with excellent basic & advanced SEO content. SEO is a very hard keyword with millions of monthly searches, Neil’s blog ranks on the first page. I think that’s enough to prove that Neil is an SEO brand.

rank booster

With over 550K Youtube subscribers, 554K to be exact and over 22 million views, his channel is enriched with SEO & digital marketing. Furthermore, it’s not just about SEO, he also shares the best tips to get free traffic, build backlinks and create the best content that ranks.


Best WordPress SEO Plugin

He has covered up almost every aspect of SEO & continues to shares the changing trends. His channel is truly a masterpiece to rank higher on Google. Simply, it’s a traffic tips ocean. Neil’s videos are not more than free courses. It’s for me and I must say for you too to subscribe his YouTube channel if you really want to master on SEO hacks, content & digital marketing, social media hacks, and building thousands of quality backlinks.

ii. Brian Dean

Another big name in SEO and the greatest SEO advisor on this planet. Brian is a “guy to go” in terms of SEO because he shares priceless tips and rank booster tricks especially about SEO, building backlinks and growing traffic. Brian, the founder of Backlinko has got immense SEO knowledge and he shares practical advices on his blog and YouTube channel. He’s been featured on Forbes, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, and Inc. His main concern is to teach people how to grow targeted traffic using actionable SEO. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you need to subscribe to his channel to learn in-depth SEO hacks & to improve SEO ranking.

According to Brian:

My SEO tips give Google what it wants

Brian has over 290K subscribers and over 7 million views. He shares excellent pro rank booster tips to grow a YouTube channel from scratch and how to get more views. More importantly, multiple cuts & different presentation styles make his videos more interesting and love to watch.


10 Little Changes That will Improve SE Ranking on Google

Therefore, if you are going to launch a blog, you should watch all time best SEO tips from Brian to rank higher on Google. Things about SEO that I learnt from Brian is keyword research, adding numbers into your titles, and using Wikipedia for keyword research.

how to improve website ranking

Finally, if you have a passion about SEO & link building and you really want to learn something seriously, subscribe to his official channel. He also teaches a lot about ranking YouTube videos to make money.

iii. Ahrefs

If you started SEO of your blog, you might have heard about Ahrefs & if you’ve not, you are not potentially serious about it. Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tool or platform, whatever you say, gives you SEO statistics going very deep into it. It has 6 major tools to explore and audit about any given site. You must try backlink checker, keyword generator, authority checker for free.

Anyways, that was a little about their website. However, Ahrefs has an official YouTube channel with excellent videos and tutorials. The major topics they cover are SEO, content marketing, blogging tips, video marketing and link building to name a few.

Ahrefs Youtube channel is the king of SEO Techniques

improve seo 2020

Ahrefstv has 111K subscribers and over 4.5 million views. Just one thing I’d like to remind here that ahrefs itself is a paid SEO tool, you can try it for $7 USD. But their awesome tutorials are free & you must subscribe if you want to boost SEO ranking.

iv. Miles Beckler

A popular entrepreneur and a digital marketing expert, Miles Beckler touched so many lives with his content. He makes videos on affiliate marketing especially. There is an 8 months affiliate marketing build case study in which he reveals how he got 30 million visitors on his blogs.

In his videos, Miles also teaches how to create SEO friendly content, keyword research & optimizing WordPress for search engines. Check out and download his videos and you’ll find a lot of valuable tips and tools shared in the description of each video. You’ll eventually get a ton of new ideas because Miles is the most helpful internet marketer in the world.

how to improve keyword ranking

His channel has 126K subscribers and over 6 million views. Miles don’t have any SEO courses nor he provides SEO services. He just helps how to become a master in SEO and an affiliate or internet marketer. The bottom line is he creates an insightful and easy to understand content & you must subscribe if you really want to make money online.

v. WPBeginner - WordPress Tutorials

Professional bloggers choose WordPress to build their blogs. WPBeginner is the largest WordPress learning website that covers almost everything about WP. Their video tutorials are by far the easiest to understand. 


Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs

However, there are only a couple of videos on on-page SEO. Most of their how to tutorials are WP related. But it’s a gold mine to dig deeply into WordPress.

vi. Moz

Moz is the No.1 and ultimately the world’s best SEO platform or you can say software. The search engine optimization of your blog or site is incomplete without Moz. It has a wide variety of SEO tools to get quality targeted traffic and rank higher on Google. All Moz SEO tools are paid, however you can give a try for free.

Moz’s Youtube channel has above 64K subscribers & 2.4 Million views. Though the videos on this channel are based on a bit advanced SEO strategies & technical audits, the tutorials on their channel will help you if you’ve bought any Moz’s SEO plan.

There are 2 favorite playlists on this channel.

  1. The Moz Daily SEO Fix
  2. Whiteboard Friday

And all these videos will help you in keyword research, backlink research, site audit & domain analysis. So if you are a Moz user, subscribe to their Youtube channel to get a good grasp on your SEO.

Old is Gold, the videos are old but still you can gain a huge SEO knowledge. Finally, just press the subscribe button.

2. How these Channels help to Rank Higher on Google?

You may find different strategies and work phenomenon adopted by each channel above. Yes! they are different but the core purpose is to bring your site up in search results. So, on your way to SEO journey, you’ll interact with these SEO experts and tools. 

Personally, I like Brian Dean of backlinko.com as he writes amazing content on SEO, especially when we talk about building backlinks. Whatever he writes on his blog, he creates the best energetic and super pro videos on his channel for blogging beginners.

For extensive SEO, you’ll need to buy Ahrefs, the best SEO tool and 2nd most powerful web crawler in the world. Therefore, you need to subscribe to their Youtube channel to learn more about Ahrefs.

3. A Quick Summary

Its a fact that sometimes you won’t learn the same concept after reading a 3000 words blog instead of watching a 2 minutes video. That’s the core theme of these entrepreneurs & SEO platforms, to give value in a different way. You will find excellent videos on both beginner & professional levels.

These are the best guys in SEO business and highly recommended channels for SEO learners. I won’t say to go through all, pick up one and watch all the videos of that channel. To improve SEO ranking, its necessary to learn the updated tips from SEO experts and then implement on your blog.

If you’ve learnt something from these channels, please let me know in the comments.

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