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Cloud is the most hot & loved technology over the Internet

See which companies prove that

Whether you are a blogger and starting your blogging journey or an entrepreneur to launch a startup business, you need web hosting for small business. But when your blog and website starts growing and getting traffic, you will need more powerful resources to handle large volume of traffic. The good news is we can get all those powerful resources with a little change in the price, I mean to say cloud hosting. Best Cloud Hosting companies provide the ultimate super fast cloud servers at low costs.

With the increase in demand of the cloud, the developers can spin up a cloud server and launch their app in just a couple of minutes. The cloud infrastructure differs a lot with traditional web hosting. Modern tools like Kubernetes, Docker and Block Storage to name a few are offered alongside in the same cloud. The beauty of the cloud is its flexibility and easy upgrades. When you need more computing resources like RAM, CPU and disk, you can upgrade on the go. In short, you just need to scroll your mouse pointer up & down to add or remove the computing resources.

After going through the features, technology and pricing structures, these are the best cloud hosting companies that provide the best cloud:


Let’s check out all of them.

DigitalOcean is the NO.1 and the best  Cloud hosting in 2021 with world class cloud technology & features.. Its at the top because of its simplicity and pre-built open source apps.  A cloud virtual machine is called as a Droplet in DigitalOcean. There are 2 different configurations for droplets:

  1. Shared CPU Droplets
  2. Dedicated CPU Droplets

The standard CPU shared cloud hosting starts at $0.007/hour that equals to $5/month

Well that is not a big rate honestly. If you are an IT geek, a software tester or a Linux learner, you can have a droplet with Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Fedora, Debian and CentOS installed. In that droplet, you’ll get 1GB of memory, 1vCPU, 1TB bandwidth and 25GB SSD disk space. The dedicated CPU droplets have high hourly rates and I would not recommend those for beginners. Furthermore, if you see the products and technology of DigitalOcean, it is developer-centric.

Features Overview

DigitalOcean has the following products, technology and features, let’s take a look:

  • Create a droplet in just 55 seconds with image of your choice
  • Highly available storage with free static IP
  • Important softwares are pre-installed, you’ll just need to deploy your app
  • Droplets are designed for low traffic websites to highly CPU and Memory intensive applications
  • Droplets can be deployed in 8 global data center regions with 1-click app installation
  • More than 100 pre-configured apps are available with 1 click install. For example, Jenkins, LAMP, WordPress, Docker etc.
  • Monitor your droplet performance with real time summary dashboard
  • DigitalOcean’s platform is advanced with latest technology and recommended for Machine Learning and AI
  • 99.99% uptime SLA and 30 day money back guarantee

The list is too long but I’ve just covered the major features.

best cloud hosting digital ocean

There is a wide virety of products that DigitalOcean offers:

  • Standard, General Purpose, CPU and Memory Optimized Droplets
  • Managed Kubernetes
  • Redis cluster hosting
  • Object and Block storage
  • Cloud Firewalls
  • Floating IPs
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Spaces CDN

DigitalOcean delivered the best CPU performance per dollar, when compared with AWS and Google. [Cloud Spectator]

Whether you have a blog or website with low traffic or highly intensive application, DigitalOcean provides you a solution for every situation. DigitalOcean is not meant for beginners, the platform is advanced and highly recommended for developers.

Its my favorite cloud company that was launched back in 2003 and now it is the largest independent cloud provider in the world with 11 global data centers.The company was built by developers for developers and now the cloud giant serves over 800K developers around the world. Additionally it offers easily manageable cloud on pay as you go model. That means you’ll be charged only the for the resources you’ve used with no hidden fees. More importantly, the cloud infrastructure is highly secure that fulfills the requirements of enterprises of all sizes.

Open Cloud

That is one of the greatest reasons I like Linode very much because it’s is an Open Cloud. It means you are always free to move your apps from one cloud to another. Furthermore, it won’t need any change in tools and processes. Linode prioritizes the customer’s demands, if your app does not fit in the cloud, you can independently migrate to any other cloud.

A smaller Cloud VM with 1GB RAM, 1 CPU, 25GB SSD disk and 1TB data transfer will cost you $5/month at $0.0075/hour

linode open independent cloud provider
Features Overview

Linode is a cloud hosting company with immense features, these are some prominent that caught my eye:

  • 99.9% uptime SLA and 100% independent
  • Multiple locations with the best speeds
  • Open Cloud where code can be re-used on any other cloud provider
  • Node balancers to equally distribute the load
  • Built-in health monitoring
  • Highly flexible, pay only for the resources used
  • Fastest server deployments with 1 click app installations

Here are some of the featured products:

  • Standard Linodes
  • Nanodes
  • Kubernetes Engine
  • CPU & GPU Compute
  • Object Storage
  • API and One-click apps

Honestly Linode is more affordable then AWS with all the tools and software stack that a developer needs. If you have a blog or website will large volume of traffic, I would highly recommend moving to the Linode cloud for robust performance.

Cloudways is a bit different cloud company who provide managed cloud services. That means they run on top 5 cloud providers in the world. The top 5 cloud providers are DigitalOcean, Linode, Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Vultr. Cloudways don’t have their own cloud and in short they are 3rd party cloud providers. When you sign up, you’ll have the choice to launch your cloud server on either of the 5 cloud giants.

Cloudways serves between you and your server

What does that mean?

Most of the people who buy cloud hosting on let’s say DigitalOcean or Linode, they hire system administrators to complete the setup and other server management tasks which adds extra costs. Cloudways takes all of the headache of server managemet,keeps the server secure, install patches, provides assistance and support whenever you ask them. If your site is down, server has crashed or wordpress admin is slow, Cloudways will help and point you in the right direction for a resolution.

Features Overview

Cloudways is an interesting company with great reputation. Not only it manages your server infrastructure, it also offers the following features just like extra topping on the pizza for free:

  • 24/7/365 server monitoring and management
  • PHP 7 ready cloud VMs with full PHP app support
  • Best platform for managed wordpress and WooCommerce 
  • Simple deployment and secure staging environment
  • More than 60 data center location options
  • WordPress cache plugin and Cloudways CDN
  • Free migration and free SSL certificates
cloudways managed cloud service provider

No credit card required for Cloudways free trial

Cloudways works on pay as you go model. Under pricing, you have the option to change the billing to monthly or hourly bases. The cheapest managed cloud server will cost you $10/month or $0.0139/hour. You just need to sign up and Cloudways support will handle the rest.

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