how to use Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

In this digital sphere, artificial intelligence in mobile apps has become an integral part of various organizations that belong to different niches and fields. This revolutionary technology is making a significant impact in the digital world. This advanced and emerging technology is making groundbreaking transformations in different industries. The popular sectors are healthcare, ecommerce, and mobile app development is no exception. AI technology is growing at a rapid pace. It got the highest spotlight that can’t be overlooked by app development companies all over the globe.

If you are wondering how AI is revolutionizing the mobile app development world, this post will help you understand the strong connection between artificial intelligence and mobile app development.

Let’s discover.

1. What is Artificial Intelligence?

Today, more and more businesses are embracing AI and focusing on harnessing the power of this technology. AI helps you to come up with a better and functional product for the end-users. If truth be told, it is a highly advanced technology that can bring revolutionary transformations in the highly advanced and automated mobile app development world.

Since the mobile app development industry has made our lives easier with AI-based apps. From asking Google Assistant to tell the weather to finding multiple filters on Snapchat, using live streaming apps to robotic process automation, you will find artificial intelligence everywhere.  

2. How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps?

Many mobile app development companies are leveraging artificial intelligence for integrating powerful features. The artificial intelligence in mobile apps helps your development team add advanced and personalized features to come up with a unique mobile app. Artificial intelligence offers a fast and secure authentication process. Additionally, it is a great choice for developing ecommerce and banking apps that need user authentication and identification.

If used right, artificial intelligence in mobile apps can help developers to understand different data patterns, draw useful insights, make better decisions and build smart apps.

Here’s how and why should you use artificial intelligence in mobile apps.

i. Highly Advanced Search Process

Today, mobile users want advanced search options and quick results. Mobile app developers can use artificial intelligence to optimize the search process to meet the ever-increasing needs of mobile users.  For instance, a more intuitive search process, spelling corrections, quick suggestions, and a voice search option can create a highly advanced search feature for your mobile apps. The AI-based search engine utilizes users’ previous history to provide users with quick results of their queries. Offering more relevant and quick search results will definitely help users achieve the desired goal. At the end of the day, it will eventually make your app successful.

ii. Personalized User Experience

One of the major benefits of implementing artificial intelligence into mobile app development is speed and efficiency. Today’s users want apps that can complete their tasks without any hassle. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in mobile apps, the developers can enhance the app performance. Furthermore, you can offer personalized user experience and speed up the process of goal fulfillment via AI.

An intelligent algorithm can provide relevant and personalized product recommendations based on user interests and needs. It can process information and offer GPS-based, highly accurate navigation for mobile app users.

Small businesses, startups, and mid-size companies are getting the help of a mobile app development company in Dubai to develop smart apps and satisfy their target audience’s needs.

iii. Collect Useful Customers Insights

The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies allows marketers and developers to monitor user activity on different devices. When you have customer data and know user behavior, it will make it easier for you to better structure your customer line. Also, you can add features based on each customer group. More importantly, you can deliver content that can fit the individual needs of your target audience.

AI impact on global gdp

Source: PwC Global

Different industries are interested in investing in AI technology to transform business processes. Such firms are focused to provide simpler and seamless solutions to their customers. According to a survey conducted by Global GDP, in 2018, AI contributed $2 trillion to global GDP. Surprisingly, it is expected that AI will contribute to reaching $15.7 trillion by 2030. It will make AI technology the most significant business opportunity for companies of all sizes and types. Your business can also make the most out of this opportunity for making groundbreaking changes.

iv. Study User Behavior

By integrating AI algorithms in app development, you can study user behavior patterns. In fact, it allows developers to make recommendations that will eventually offer a better customer experience and increase sales. As a side note, it is one of the main reasons that force software development companies to implement AI in their business strategy. Machine learning and artificial intelligence help marketers understand users’ choices, preferences, and shopping patterns. For instance, you can analyze different data parameters such as age, location, gender, search patterns, app usage, and a lot more.

v. Virtual Assistants and Voice Commands

“Okay, Google” and “Hey Alexa” are the most prominent commands in the world of ecommerce. Hundreds of thousands of users use them for daily goals accomplishment. AI-driven virtual assistants are the next big thing that has now become a modern shopping trend. 

ai in mobile app development

Image Source: Grant Ritchie

With voice commands, now you order your favorite food, check the weather forecast, reserve the table, book movie tickets, play your favorite song, and a lot more. It provides online businesses and retailers with new opportunities to invest in AI and reshape their industry.

vi. Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps for Better Security

AI technology and machine learning can also be used to improve application security. It helps to identify security vulnerabilities and predict security threats. Mobile app developers can use artificial intelligence to automate the cybersecurity attack threat and identify the code review process. Many security auditors use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced level algorithms to prevent cybercrimes and security attacks. Luckily, many tech companies are using artificial intelligence to create a more sophisticated cyber defense technology. Not only that, AI is actually helping to develop data security protocols.

With AI technology, now providing smooth authentication and sending alerts to users about malware and threats in real-time have become possible. 

vii. Help Perform Tedious Tasks

For many, doing the same tasks repeatedly seems frustrating and boring. Thanks to Artificial intelligence, now completing tedious, monotonous tasks has become easier. For instance, developers can build software that generates automated mail responses to your clients. AI helps your sales time to invest their efforts into other creative tasks.

viii. Accurate and Speedy Output

Application development is an intricate process that requires a high level of accuracy and precision to develop a great product. There is no denying the fact that artificial intelligence is one of the best ways to get speedy output with accuracy and perfection. With the help of AI algorithms, you can overcome many problems you face during the application development cycle.

ix. Cross-Platform Usage

With the advent of cross platforms, now it has become easier for designers and coders to develop apps with little or no previous background. AI-based tools and platforms help you understand how to develop mobile apps and learn techniques associated with software development.

x. Emotion Recognition

AI is an amazing technology that can read human emotions. The highly advanced image processing technology is used for emotion recognition. Now you can integrate this feature to capture human senses with voice intonation and speech signals. Many startups and small businesses are leveraging this technology to make their mobile apps unique.

xi. Facial Recognition Technology

Artificial intelligence technology has a smart algorithm that can read your nose size, lips formation and retina position. Many tech giants, such as Apple and Google, are applying facial recognition technology to safeguard their smartphones and devices. The artificial intelligence based face unlocking feature provides a more effortless and secure way to unlock the device. The face ID feature allows users to unlock their phones without using their hands.

xii. Smart Actions

Mobile applications that leverage artificial intelligence can perform much better and make your life easier. For instance, developers can build an app with an AI technology that can turn off lights, smart TV, and other electric devices when you send a voice command.

xiii. Customized Notifications

Now you can send personalized notifications based on your customers’ location, interests, and previous actions. With the help of artificial intelligence algorithms, apps can make smart, customized notifications that are mainly based on different operations and user actions. It helps you provide an out-of-the-box user experience and increase your chances of earning more sales.

xiv. Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps is Transforming Development Industry

Implementing full-fledged AI solutions into mobile app development allows developers to bring modern UI design to their apps. Mobile app developers and software development companies all over the globe have started using artificial intelligence for their applications. AI helps to improve the user interface, enhance user experience, and prevent the chances of failure.

3. Summary

Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction; it has now become a reality that various business domains are adopting to make advancements in multiple industries. From face and finger recognition to image labeling, barcode scanning, and text recognition, AI is making highly advanced changes in the mobile app development industry. Businesses adopting AI for mobile app development are getting un-parallel benefits and achieving business growth and success. 

Finally, I must say, AI is actually a “hello to the future”.

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