My name is Faisal Rehman and it’s my personal blog. It’s an honor for me to have you here. I hope you’ve found the solution what you’ve been looking for.


It’s an old snap, wandering in a mall 8 years ago. Not being married at that time, I was free & there was no one to ask me where were you all day long but things have changed a lot more now, you know a guy with a lot of responsibilities.

I’ve a Bachelor degree in Information Technology that should have been completed in 2009 but took 5 more years as I passed Visual Programming in 6th attempt, so my official graduation year is 2014. Dammnnn! a 9 year degree. My final year project was based on Linux & VoIP and from there I fell in love with Linux totally, madly, deeply. Linux is awesome, no OS can beat it, seriously, I like it a lot 😀


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I started my professional career as a Technical Support Engineer, promoted to Linux Operation Engineer after a year. Joined another firm as a VoIP Engineer, left the company & joined a reputable firm as a Systems Administrator in 2012, got a bit chance to work on Solaris & production HP Unix servers & awarded as a star champion.


I also started working on Upwork as a part-time freelancer with a greed of learning new skills and making my communication skills strong. It was an amazing experience for me at that time as I started earning half of my salary working few hours a week. I learnt a lot of stuff working on 40+ different small projects. Here’s a glimpse of my Upwork profile:


Freelance work was paying off well even working at a lower rate. I started my hunt for a full time remote opportunity and in 2014 I became a full-time freelancer, now it’s my 5th year working as a full-time freelancer.

Why I chose Freelancing?

A lot of people even my relatives & friends say freelancing is not a good choice of making money. You don’t know the charm of an office job where you go in a well dressed form, you enjoy the company of hundreds of co-workers, parties and jokes are being played in cafeterias, there is an outdoor hangout, weekly lunches, free books and laptops, ah! you can’t count it.

Every time I respond:

“Well that is 100% true.”

Chartered & fortune companies give away all of that & even more! A friend of mine had a 2 months free trip to UK recently on a full company’s budget, he shared all the pictures of amazing places he visited there.

Now it’s a freelancer’s turn.


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